Last October I was invited to attend a CBMC ( luncheon at Concordia Lutheran College in Forest Park, Illinois.

Our speaker was Mr. Darrell Scott. His daughter is Rachel Joy Scott who was the first student massacred at Columbine High School over four years ago on Good Friday, in Littleton, Colorado.

Mr. Scott’s prepared remarks and video presentation was an experience that I will never forget. There were over sixty men at this luncheon. We did not want to leave for he had so much more to tell us but we were in a cafeteria for only a specific time slot.

He told us that his daughter Rachel Joy had actually written three separate journals before her death. They did not know she was journaling at all prior to her passing. Two were found in her bedroom, along with other items that will hopefully be in the movie that they are producing for release next year.

I wanted to share one of the blessed moments, from that luncheon, as follows. Mr. Scott was receiving many phone calls, after his daughter was gunned down, from complete adult strangers from many different locations in our county. They told Mr. Scott about the recurring dreams they were having about a pair of eyes crying blood tears onto a single white rose. Mr. Scott told all of these strangers that these dreams did not mean anything to him at all and to not call him again. These strangers insisted that Mr. Scott take down their phone numbers or E-mail addresses, which he did. They wanted to be contacted, by Mr. Scott, at a later date, when these dreams would mean something to Mr. Scott and or to his son and his wife. His son was also shot and lived. Two of his son’s friends died in his son’s arms. The fire alarm went off seconds before his only son was also to be executed, so the two evil doers ran away.

Three years after the massacre the Littleton, Colorado police did release Rachel’s school back pack to the Scott family. They found a third journal and on the last page was a drawing, which he showed us. The drawing has two bullet holes on the page. o In the upper left side was a drawing of two eyes crying twelve blood red tears and falling towards a white rose. Below the white rose were twelve white tears falling down the page. Red for martyrdom white for purity.

After the luncheon many of the sixty now crying men talked to Mr. Scott. I asked him if he was the father who testified before Congress about the massacre. He confirmed that he was. When I told him that I have his testimony on my web site: He seemed pleased and was glad that I and some others had done the same on their Web sites. I thought there must have been a reason for me to witness this event and being he did not mention the rose as a Christian symbol I told him that in the Catholic domination it was a symbol of our Blessed Mother of Christ. He was moved to hear this and gave me permission to have his web site added to my list of links.

They hope to have a movie of Rachel Joy Scott live in the movie theatre this Feb. MMV. Chuck Norris the movie actor is one of the sponsors of this movie currently in production.

They currently have a total of eight teams traveling around the US telling about the evils of violent video games and the evils inherent in watching secular television and many other things that are now destroying our country currently. Thanks for reading this.

. George


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