Several years ago during one of our regular Tuesday morning scripture study meetings Shirley Brown started to cry while we were just talking about our past weekly experiences.
Immediately Anges Bird got up and walked up behind her and just gave her a big hug.
Without us asking why she was crying; Shirley then related to all of us that this coming Sunday would be the her first birthday without her late husband Marvin. Anges gave her a second hug and told Shirley, and us, that this coming Sunday was also her birthday. Although her husband was alive (and is today) he was in the hospital that weekend. She too would be alone this coming Sunday on her own birthday; for the first time since she was married. Judy Yanachik who sitting to my right gives me a high five and we were all so moved to see the hand of God working at moment to comfort two grieving souls.
A few moments later Shirley, through her tears, further related that she was a twin and her twin sister was unable to be with her on their birthday celebration this coming weekend. Angus then tells us she too is also a twin and her twin sister will not be with her either. At that moment Judy Yanachik now overcome with joy, as I was, was sitting next to me at the dinning room table gives me a second high five.
Anges then asked Shirley, who was still standing behind her, what year she was born and Shirley pulls her head to her shoulders and whispers in her ear.
Anges then gives Shirley another huge hug and says we were born on the same day on the very same day. Judy then gives me another high-five. We were all now wiping away our tears of joy for these two wonderful ladies.
The rest of the story is: Today Shirley and Agnes now live across the street from each other for Shirley moved from Marley, Illinois to the same town as Agnes.
All three women have given permission to use their real names but I have deleted the towns they now live in. Judy and her family now live in Michigan.
This true story was printed in the first anniversary of our scripture study groups
to promote small church groups which exist in many Christian denominations.