Subject: Lyndsey's Valentine

There are so many perspectives on love today, and as Valentine's Day has come again, I'm reminded of the greatest kind of love one can receive. A love that is constant; never changing and always persevering. A kind of love that has no cause to be questioned, one that never leaves you feeling empty because it never fades away and is always sufficient when nothing else seems like enough. A love that withstands the boundaries of time and reaches into the timeline of eternity, well past our years spent here on earth. A love that leaves a lasting legacy. A love that will sacrifice everything for us, even when we don't feel worthy of it. We may not be worthy of it but this kind of love makes us never worthless. It gives meaning to what once seemed meaningless, hope to what once seemed hopeless and assurance to every unknown in this life. This love brings a little piece of heaven to earth and is the greatest example of how we should love others as well. This kind of love is what God continually demonstrates for us, time and time again, no matter how we choose to treat Him in return. Whether you're in a relationship or single, a person of faith or not; no matter what walk of life you're going through right now, I would encourage you to live a life of love that looks like this, because that's really what everything comes down to: love. A love that is pure, unshaken, stronger than any obstacles, and worth everything. Loving others above yourself and showing them the greatest kind of love imaginable. And there's no greater love than the love of a perfect God