July 22, 2018 at 7:52 PM · 


Once again, I was left in total awe and wonder over who God is this morning as I left church. We were singing the words “you are good” as we so often do, but looking around me, I realized the full weight of what we were singing. A lady in the corner was wiping tears from her eyes, standing next to her small children. On the other side of the room, the pastor smiled and hugged the person next to him, as if he was a best friend that he was seeing for the first time in a while. Still others had their hands raised high to the sky, singing praises at the top of their lungs, faces covered in pure joy and contentment in the song they were singing. It hit me in this moment that we were all singing the same words, but each with very different meanings. Some were singing the words “you are good” as confirmation of what they had been experiencing lately, while others were singing it as a desperate plea for what they hoped their life would soon reflect. Some were somewhere in between, having seen some of that goodness but forgetting what it had felt like. All of these people in the room were giving their all to God, and reflecting a world of emotions, none of which were exactly the same as the person next to them, yet God still heard them all: every broken plea, every blessed thanksgiving, every single word.
Everyone seemed, for a moment, completely unreserved and vulnerable before the Lord, bringing all their joys and sorrows to the frontlines. But instead of looking like a chaotic disaster, it was a beautiful mess of genuine worship